As your web designer, I know one major worry on your mind is “How will a new website impact my current online presence and traffic?” It’s a valid concern, but I want to reassure you that with careful planning, we can execute a smooth transition that maintains (or even boosts) your current momentum. Here’s how:

First, I will implement 301 redirects from your old URLs to relevant new pages. This passes search ranking authority between URLs so we retain that hard-earned equity. I’ll analyze your old site’s link structure and content to set up smart redirects optimized for search bots.

Second, if possible we’ll keep your current domain name like This ensures all existing backlinks continue to pass ranking power to your new site seamlessly. Your domain has value, so keeping consistent branding is ideal.

Next, I advise migrating over assets like email lists, social media follower counts, customer reviews, and analytics data. Keeping these intact retains visitors and data continuity. I can help match new accounts to old seamlessly behind the scenes.

To carry excitement to the relaunch, I suggest announcing it via email, social media, press releases and other channels. This builds buzz and retains community. I’m happy to help craft these communications!

Creating fresh, optimized content is also key to align with the new site launch. I recommend producing new blog articles, videos, guides etc. so the relaunch has substance beyond just a new design.

For analytics, I can request your Search Console data is transferred over to maintain insights continuity. It’s also wise to add UTM tracking codes to old links pointing at the new site. This allows us to monitor their ongoing effectiveness.

While traffic may dip briefly as people adjust, it will recover and grow if we do this right. I’ve shepherded many successful site relaunches, so you can feel confident!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m here to guide you through this transition smoothly to elevate your digital presence.

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