Harrogate Web Designer: Why are blogs so powerful for SEO?

I am a Harrogate Web Designer and I specialise in helping small to medium size businesses expand their reach and grow their sales.  I design stylish yet hard-working WordPress websites.  I also offer additional digital marketing services such as SEO advice, Social Media Management & monthly Website Maintenance Packages.

Why are blogs such powerful tools for SEO (search engine optimisation)?

Because every blog post you write becomes another web page, and every web page is another opportunity for you to rank well for a specific search your ideal customer is looking for.

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Things to bear in mind when writing Blog Posts for SEO:

Tips from Harrogate Web Designer: Mel England (Lemon Zest Designs)

  • Take some keywords that you would like to rank well for and then run them through Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This free tool shows you how many people are searching for your phrases each month, it suggests related phrases that might be better opportunities, and lets you know how competitive the search is.
  • Create a keyword-rich Blog title, the title of your post becomes the title of your web page.  Search engines give more importance to your page title than just about any other criteria.
  • Lead with your keywords. Search engines give more weight to the first few words in a title. Examples might include, “Pinterest Marketing: How to Generate Leads from the World’s Hottest Social Media Site,” or “Men’s Bowler Hats: What’s Hot This Season.”
  • Number your lists. For example: “101 Ways to get More Clients” or “3 Questions to Ask in a Web Designer” are generally more engaging, and will generate more click-throughs at the search engines, which may increase your overall rank.
  • The colon is your friend. If you have a couple of competing keyword phrases that both seem appropriate, use a colon (or some other spacer) to cast a wider net. Do you write an Asian cooking blog? Try “Chopstick Instructions: How to Use Chopsticks.”
  • Work your keyword phrase into your copy early and often.
  • Your title is critical, but it can’t stand on its own; it needs to be supported by the rest of your copy.
  • You should work your keyword phrase into the first sentence or two of your blog post, and then repeat it several times throughout your post.
  • If you feel it’s difficult to work your keywords into the first sentence, try this trick: open up with a one to two sentence overviews of your topic.
  • Warning! If you overuse your keyword phrase it can backfire. Google and other search engines may punish you for “over-optimising” your blog post.
  • You can also break up your keywords. If you wanted to rank well for, say, “Harrogate Makeup Artist,” you could use that phrase exactly once or twice, but also use just “Harrogate” and “Makeup Artist” separately in another instance.

I have other Blog posts on SEO and as a Harrogate Web Designer you can find my portfolio here.


Mel England – Lemon Zest Designs (Harrogate Web Designer)

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