Email Marketing On Your Website

What is Email Marketing?

Not all visitors to your website will immediately engage with your services, some may leave your website (no matter how beautiful it is) because at that very moment, for a multitude of reasons, they’re not quite ready to take the plunge.  That’s why capturing their email addresses is vital if you are to keep in touch with them to remind them just how fab your services and products are.

Email opt ins on your website can be ‘pop-ups’ which appear as the visitor scrolls around your site or tries to exit or they can be embedded within the page so they are static and part of your website structure.

Give generously to your prospective clients & they will be eager to sign up

No-one is going to give you their email address for no good reason, but if they have seen enough that they like whilst browsing around your website, then you stand a good chance of them parting with their email address with a little bit of enticing.  One way is to offer to send them regular tips and advice about your given area of expertise but a much more powerful way is to give them something for free there and then, something like a downloadable e-book or a free webinar to really shows off your talents and knowledge.

Your website designer (Lemon Zest Designs) will be able to set all of this up for you on your website, including the integration into an email service provider such as Mailchimp & Aweber.

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