Confused about domain and hosting packages?

Stylish Web Design & Domain/Hosting Packages

So you’ve decided you need a website that reflects your style and represents who and what you are all about.  So what’s the very first step?  Finding a web designer that suits you and your unique talents, services or products is hugely important, so do your research to find a good match.  For example, if you are a female wedding photographer you will want a website that is both stylish and beautiful and also feels approachable for women who are looking for someone to trust with their big day.  So you may want to type into google: “beautiful web design for women”.

What next?

So once you have found your web designer there are a couple of things you need to do straight away, which are:

1beautiful web design for women

1) Buy a domain name for your website

Choosing a domain name (website URL) for your new company / website is obviously a very important first step and is something you will want to give a lot of thought before jumping right in.  Write down as many words as you can to describe your new business and play around with different combinations until you reduce them down to 2 or 3 options.

Next go to a domain buying website for example: and type in your top choices to see which ones are available. Go ahead and buy the one you like the best that is available (.com or or .org are the most recognisable URL formats).  This shouldn’t cost more than £20 a year for most website names.

2) Set up a hosting package for your website

The next thing to do is to set up a hosting package for your new website.  It is important to use a hosting company that is based in the country you live in to ensure you don’t have any speed issues.  A favourite of ours at Lemon Zest Designs is but there are lots of other companies who are also very competitively priced.

So that’s it!  All you need to now is give this information to your web designer and away you go!

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